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About Shailesh Forging Works

Shailesh Forging Works is known as one of the most acclaimed leading manufacturers of alloy & non-alloy steel forging. Our organization is a full-fledged family of engineers, manufacturers having specialization in Die Forged Automobiles parts, different types of Drop forging, Ring Rolling Forging, free Forging and Upset Forging jobs.

We are one of the leading manufacturers in Forgings Industry and are enjoying an excellent reputation through 35 years production experience and our products have an excellent quality and competitive lower prices.

An appalling range has been developed, core application area like different forging parts of shrink Discs, keyless Locking Assemblies, Ring & any types of forgingring, hydraulics space ring, pellet dies, press rollers as forging for Feed Equipments RING JOINT GASKET automotive tractors parts, Valves, Rings, Bearing Rings, hammer nuts & bit, shafts, eye bolts, cams, hooks and a wide range of parts used construction of buildings and bridges.

We are specialized in customized forging to meet the extensive range of customer's satisfaction.

Our die forging is unchallenged for its versatility in producing forging in an ample variety of shapes and sizes. It excludes the need for special tooling and involves minimum setting costs, making it ideally suited to cost effective.
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