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Seamless Rolled Rings

Our expertise in manufacturing of Forged Seamless Rolled Rings for feed mill spares in an extension of our experience and work done for forging industry. Our expertise in forging manufacturing and heat treatment is as old as four decades now. We have our own forging unit which is capable of handling and well equipped to forge material of various composition and development of Highly Productive Steel Material suitable for use in manufacturing of pellet dies and roller is one of them. All forged rings undergo wet chemical, physical testing to ensure that the no internal flaws wxist in the forged rings before we take the rings for further use. Our knowledge and specialization in using high quality alternative raw material, cost saving efficient techniques and just-in-time delivery planning has made us to cater to clients need with accuracy. 

To adapt to the rapidly changing new technologies for manufacturing of Rings for Rollers Manufacturing systems to deliver almost identical quality product compared to the imported brands available in the market today. Through our metallurgical excellence we have mastered the ideas of using heat resistant raw materials strongly recommended for use in the manufacturing of Rollers.

As a result, the specially developed Special Steel Dies and Rolls are guranteed for attaining assured production, thereby reducing the production cost and procurement cost at the same time. With the successful running of these Steel Rings in India manufactured by us, we are confident that your future requirements for dies and rollers can be better taken care by us with assured production gurantee and know-how to de-bottleneck the recurring problems.
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