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Shailesh Forging Works.

Since 1971

Our History

Established in 1971, Shailesh Forging Works has evolved and re-iterated itself at every milestone to provide quality products in Alloy and Non-Alloy Steel Forgings. We are one of the leading provider in the field of Seamless Rolled Rings for various applications in the engineering industries.

Over the years we have developed expertise in forging and ring rolling processes. Our premises is equipped with various state of the equipments and machineries to provide a quality product to our customers. Being an ISO 9001-2015 certified organisation with GE approved manufacturing practices, we have been serving this industry for the past decade for providing quality products.

Our Vision & Mission ⛳️ 


Our vision kept into perception when we established the organisation is to give our customers a quality product for which we are accountable for manufacturing. This is to build up an image of trust and faithfulness for our product in front of the customer.


Our objective is to provide a quality product by adhering to the strict industry norms and following the procedures developed. We see ourselves of serving at least 20 customers for their needs of Original Equipment within the next 10 years. We also are striving to develop an export-oriented unit for OEM products within the next 5 years.

Our Products.

Shailesh Forging Works is known as one of the most acclaimed leading manufacturers of Alloy & Non-Alloy Steel Forging.

Standard Flanges

Used to connect high-pressure pipes, these flanges are manufactured with the utmost care taken for high reliability at our premises. We manufacture these flanges in various sizes depending upon their application, ranging from 16 inches until 72 inches in diameter.

Casing Connectors

Our Casing Connectors are used in oil and gas industry to connect drilling pipes to each other. These high performance connectors are manufactured at our facility based on various applications. We manufacture these in multiple sizes ranging from 22 inches until 30 inches in diameter.

Pellet Mill Dies

Used in Agro Industries, our Pallet Mill Dies are made to order based on the application and sizes provided to us. We manufacture these in various materials, especially in X46Cr13 and 20MnCr4. These dies are made keeping in mind the industry standard for quality to provide a reliable product.

Plug Valve Body

Used in the Oil and Gas industry, these high-performance plug valves are used to manage the flow of oil and gas under pressure. We have been successful in manufacturing these valve bodies and have taken enough quality and inspection measures to ensure a reliable product to our customers.

Slip Segments

Used in connecting drilling pipes in the Oil and Gas industry, these slim segments are threaded and provide a reliable attachment of the drilling pipes. With a threaded internal surface, the segments grip the pipes to provide a strong connection to the connecting pipe. We make a wide variety of these segments from forging unto machining to deliver a quality product.

Forge Valve Body

Widely used in the chemical industry, it helps to isolate various liquids and chemicals, also controlling its flow. We manufacture this keeping in mind the industry standard for the product. We manufacture these as per standard sizes, and also manufacture as per the application by the customer. Our forges valves are widely used in government-industry and a few private industries for chemicals.

 Our Video

 Tap on the play button to watch our corporate video which explains the proccess of how our products are designed. You will also see our workplace tour 😀

 Our Video

 Tap on the play button to watch our corporate video which explains the proccess of how our products are designed. You will also see our workplace tour 😀

Our Facilities.

 Facilities & Machines we use at Shailesh Forging Works. We use the latest and greatest technology to design & develop our products.

Raw Material Storage.

Our Premises has an in house storage of raw material. With over 30 grades of metals stored at our facility, at a time over 500 tonnes of material is stored and kept at bay for reduced lead time in manufacturing. We have raw materials ranging from 150 millimetres to over 600 millimetres in diameter.

Cutting Facility.

We have an in house facility of cutting the blocks from raw material for further processes. Our arsenal contains 14 cutting machines with aftermarket automation for cutting metals from raw material for quick operation.

Heating Facility

Our premises has a facility of two Oil Furnace with a capacity of 12 tonnes each. It helps us to reach a temperature of 1350 Degree Celsius for an effective forging process ahead. Our furnaces are equipped with state of the art sensors for an effective and even heating of the components.

Forging Facility

Our premises has a capacity of forging in both, Open Die and Closed Die forging with trained operators. For our Open Die forging, we have a 5 tonne Drop Belt Hammer, and two hydraulic presses of 2500 tonne and 1500 tonne respectively. As fir the Closed Die, we have a6.25 tonne ‘Hutta’ machine and a 650-tonne trimming press. This ensures an effective forging.

Ring Rolling.

Our premises have Ring Rolling Machines for manufacturing seamless rolled rings upto a diameter of 300 to 3000 millimetres. These machines are operated by well-trained staff. We also have the facility of manufacturing profiles seamless rolled rings as per application for a profiled ring. Our seamless rolled rings are manufactured in the sizes ranging from diameter 300 to 3000 millimetres and a height of 50 to 600 millimetres!


Our premises has 15 CNC and 4 VTL machines with a capacity to machine seamless rings unto a diameter of 2500 millimetres. Our machining staff is well trained to use the CNC console and believe in delivering a machined product which confers to the drawing tolerances.

Heat Treatment


We have a state of the line Electric Heating Furnace with water quenching facility wherein we are doing processes for Normalising, Tempering, and Annealing to deliver a quality product to our customers.


Our premises has a small warehouse facility where we can store our products for the customers for a short period of time. We have managed to reduced lead times for product delivery and have then shipped products as per the customer’s requirement.

Dispatching Facility



We have business relations with various logistics firms with a vast network covering global locations which enables us to ship our products worldwide with reduced lead time.

We Believe in Teamwork

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Our Opening Hours

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Contact Us.

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Shailesh Forging Works
Survey no. 37, P-3,
Village – Ravki
Taluka – Lodhika
District – Rajkot


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Shailesh Forging Works.

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